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The History of the EuroMillions

EuroMillions History

Although relatively young, the Euro Millions Lottery has an interesting history and has fast become one of the most popular and exciting lottos in the modern world with over 200 million regular players and spanning nine European countries.

The Euro Millions Lottery was originally planned to launch in 1994 to coincide with the launch of the new European currency (the Euro), but due to political wranglings, was delayed by ten years.

The first Euro Millions draw eventually took place in Paris, France, on 13th February 2004 between the UK, France and Spain with a huge initial jackpot prize of Euro 15 million.
Austria, Belgium, Ireland, Luxembourg, Portugal, and Switzerland subsequently joined the draw in October 2004, bringing the number of participating countries to nine.

It was at first thought that there would few rollovers, but this soon proved to be incorrect. The Euro Millions rollovers soon mounted up and in 2006, for instance, there were three rollover jackpot wins producing jackpots of Euro 180m, Euro 76M and Euro 183.
A law was passed in January 2006 to limit the number of rollover jackpots to twelve. After this, the jackpot would be divided down to the next prize level, if no winner was announced, the jackpot would again be divided down the next prize level, and so on until a jackpot winner is announced.
Although the effect of this is to limit the first prize win, the jackpot regularly runs over Euro 100 million and this attracts millions more excited players.

The Superdraw was introduced in February 2007 to celebrate the Euro Millions third birthday.

The first midweek Euro Millions draw took place on Tuesday, 10 April 2011.

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